Our History

A 50 years long’s trail

Scagnelli’s family celebrates 50 years of activity in the national and international boating scene, 50 years of small and big successes and experience always at your service. 1965 Piacenza, the Po river, the first boats. Luigi Scagnelli – not yet in his thirties, during week-ends on Po’s shores began taking an interest in boating, at first with a fast wooden Molinari and then with a small fiberglass motorboat in the Gobbi shipyard of Guardamiglio. In a short time the group of enthusiasts began to grow and on the big river’s shores Luigi starts the boating path with a small garaging for his and his companion’s boats.

1968, Gobbi’s shipyard, the first successes! Everytime Luigi was back for work from Milan, he stopped at Guardamiglio by his friend, Angelo Gobbi, to help him and learn all the ropes. Angelo’s proposal was not long in coming and in the 1968 Luigi Scagnelli began his adventure in the shipyard. The intelligence of Angelo Gobbi combined with the passion and tenacity of Luigi brought Gobbi shipyard to be – in a short time – one of the most important shipyard in Italy, switching from motorboats to cabin cruisers, which have been successful among amateurs for their reliability and skill they were constructed. Trucks full of boats were leaving for Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas, orders were starting to come from abroad.

The first award-winning motorboating races began too…

1979 The Romagna’s Landing, the plunge!!! The experience gained with Gobbi’s shipyards convinces Luigi Scagnelli to take the plunge; for years in Bellaria Igea Marina was operating the Acquaviva shipyard; the inhabitants of Romagna were searching for a shipyard manager and contacted him. Luigi began to spend week-ends at first and then weeks in Romagna coast until he decides to move there with all his family. After the depart of the Acquaviva brothers, a union of workers and dealers decides to take over the company, making Luigi chief. This is the beginning of the Acquaviva brand, all its achievements reported here.

1991 The birth of the Miami brand of Massimo Scagnelli Thanks to the crisis of the industry caused by shipowners fiscal thightening, Massimo Scagnelli – Luigi’s first-born – after a few years of experience as boats maker in the Acquaviva shipyard decides to bring on the market his own boat line, ideal for families and fishing, boats that were comfortable, spacious and strictly without a boat license. After the first open model – the Miami 15 – many other models were created, like the Miami 16, Miami 17 and Miami 19, the two cabin cruisers Miami 18 Day and 20 Day, and the top of the range, a boat that found unquestionable success especially amongst deep-sea fishing amateurs, the Miami 20 Walkaround and 21 Day efb. And so the baton passes from Luigi – who had concluded his successful experience in the Acquaviva shipyards – to his son Massimo Scagnelli.

1997 The experience continues The departure of Luigi Scagnelli and the subsequent fire that destroyed the industrial site of Borghi, made the climb of the Acquaviva brand on the international boating stage more complicated. The tenacity and the desire to start afresh led to the creation of a new company – Innovazione&Progetti – a state of the art industrial site that produced boats of unparalleled caliber. Massimo Scagnelli made available is experience from the start, becoming an important reference for the shipyard and after the sale of his little company, enters permanently in the I&P staff. In the same years the other son, Cristian Scagnelli, an air force pilot with strong competitive and organizational skills founded the Scagnelli Racing Team which won, thanks to the rubber-dinghy S-33, amongst many awards, the 2010 World Endurance Class B. In collaboration with the Boating Club Bellaria Igea Marina, from 2008 and 2014, Cristian became the promoter of the organization and the direction of the Italian and World Motorboating Champsionship in Bellaria Igea Marina, event embellished from the constant presence of prestigious brands invited from his brother Massimo.

2008 Massimo deepens his knowledge in the ENTERPRISE MARINE shipyard and later as After Sales in the most important National Dealers where more than 100 boats amongst the most prestigious brands, like AZIMUT, ATLANTIS, AICON, BERTRAM, TERRANOVA, SESSA, GALEON, ABACUS, SOGICA, are being taken and delivered. In the same years, in partnership with the historical Dealers I&P, Nautica Sud in Castellamare di Stabia and Nautica Bibione import, exclusively for Italy, the Galia boats, a Brand of Galeon.

2012 In the wake of the crisis that struck the marine market, Massimo, under the mandate of the most important italian holding companies, starts the research and recovery of yachts that were subtracted from the respective property and thanks to the precious collaboration with the MARINA DI RIMINI NAUTICAL SERVICES and MARINA DI RIMINI shipyard, created a new Nautical Polo. 2015 A new challenge begins…an agreement that allows us to become Dealer CRANCHI for Emilia-Romagna is signed; we will put all our experience at the service of one of the most important Shipyard in the world and of its own customers, present and future ones.

Good wind to all……

Service point for assistance and technical skills in the after sale on all the boats and the areas of interest of the following brands: